Daiquiris Flavors

For both men and women of legal age who are living in Louisiana and those who visit the state especially the city of New Orleans, they are enjoying their day whenever they have a drink of a daiquiri. Once again, Daiquiri is a very popular drink in the city and it comes with various flavors. To those who have no idea about it, daiquiri drinks looks like a cocktail drink. Well, that is because it is a family of cocktails and the main alcohol is Rum.

Each Daiquiri bar have their own best seller. Some drinks are a combination of different juice flavors and light alcohol drinks while other drinks are combined with spirit drinks or those with strong alcohol content aside from Rum. The name of the Daiquiri drinks are usually similar and you can find it in all of the bars that offers daiquiri drinks. Some of these includes Banana Banshee, Blue Bayou, Long Island Tea, Mojito, Margarita, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Spiked Lemonade, Tropical Itch, and Rum Runner.

All of these are the favorites of many especially during summer season. Some other best seller drinks are White Russian and 190 Octane. The former is made with a combination of coffee, milk, and vodka while the latter is a combination of orange juice and orange flavors with 190 grain spirits. This is a strong drink. If you want a smooth drink, Peaches and Cream Flavor is a good choice. It is perfect for women who only drink on occasions. The Peachtree Bellini is also a good choice.